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 Department of Pediatrics

Continuing Medical Education ( CME )

The Pediatric Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities in Tawam hospital have developed attractive and innovative programs, which made it so popular

The following activities developed over years and well established now:

1-    Weekly departmental grand round

2-    Departmental daily short morning education session

3-    Alain Pediatric club monthly forum:

Established in 2006 It showed progressive success that  lead to increasing numbers of attendees and participants.

4-    Annual international pediatric conference

This annual conference was organized by Tawam Hospital for five years in a raw. The conferences presented a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with speakers from USA, Europe, Middle East and UAE. Such knowledge exchange contributed so much to the advancement of Pediatric care in our region.


                     Amar Al Shibli, MD.

                     Consultant Pediatrician, Tawam Hospital

                     Deputy Director, Pediatric Education


     Mohamed El-Hadi Al-Malik

     Consultant, Child Neurology 

     Chief of Pediatric Neurology



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